Get the band scores you need. Without the drama.

If you're tired of taking the CELPIP test over and over again, or you need to take it for the first time, this program is for you.

  • Take your test confidently by understanding the exam format for each section

  • Finally boost your band score by discovering exactly how the CELPIP test raters think

  • Take the stress out of the writing test by applying our step-by-step plan

  • Save time on your test day by learning how to manage your time

  • Speak confidently on all 8 CELPIP speaking tasks by using our tips and toolkits

  • Gain the confidence you need to overcome your test anxiety!

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Why this CELPIP prep course is different

  • Immerse yourself in Canadian English

    Study from a true Canadian accent. All of our lessons are 100% Canadian - do not study in your first language if you want to see real results! The CELPIP test uses Canadian English exclusively, so listening to a Canadian accent in your exam prep will make a difference.

  • Study from authentic high-level sample answers

    While most prep courses use real test taker responses as examples, my program includes CELPIP standard responses created by me - your Canadian English teacher and exam pro! That way you can guarantee you're studying from correct and high-quality answers.

  • Credibility & Results

    We are Official CELPIP Network Members. Over the years, we've coached over 5000 students prepare for their English proficiency exam. This course gets straight to the point. Finally find out exactly what the CELPIP test raters expect of you so that you get the band scores you need!

What's included in your CELPIP Speaking & Writing Prep Course

  • 10 fun modules, including self-study videos with an authentic Canadian accent

  • 25 sample responses for both Writing Tasks 1 & 2 that show you how the CELPIP test raters think

  • 54 sample questions and responses for all 8 speaking tasks

  • 54 sample audios (MP3) and 54 transcripts (PDF) for all 8 speaking tasks

  • 8 toolkits (PDF) where you'll learn how to format each speaking task response, our top tips, strategies, and helpful expressions for each task

  • Over 300 linkers, transitional words and expressions for your speaking and writing exams

  • Discover a top secret grammar hack that's guaranteed to boost your band score

  • 10 quizzes to test your knowledge as you work through your course

  • 6-month access, 24/7 on any device

Welcome to your CELPIP Speaking & Writing Prep Course

Check out what's included

  • The Speaking Test

    Find out what the CELPIP examiners are listening for in each Speaking task with our helpful toolkits! You'll learn how to properly format your answers and how to respond according to their performance standards. Finally boost your band score with our easy-to-follow tips. Study from our helpful list of expressions and 54 sample exam questions, including transcripts and audios!

  • Writing Task 1

    Learn how to manage your time on your test day. Get a clear breakdown of how to write a Task 1 email according to the 4 CELPIP performance standards. Study from our complete set of sample answers, and our guide of helpful expressions for both formal and informal emails.

  • Writing Task 2

    Use our step-by-step guide on how to write a Task 2 Survey Response according to the 4 CELPIP performance standards. Find out how to plan your answer and organize your ideas with our simple 5-step approach. Get a clear breakdown with our sample responses. Finally finish Task 2 within the time limit and word count!

  • Grammar & Vocabulary

    Find out how to boost your grammar performance by using our one simple trick for both the Speaking and Writing tests. Learn how to make your answers flow with our handy list of linkers & transitional expressions. Finally make your ideas as clear and accurate as possible!

  • Top Tips

    Save time and reduce your stress on your exam by applying our top tips. Discover how to plan your Writing responses in 5 simple steps, and how to plan each speaking response like a CELPIP master!

Pass your CELPIP test.

Because we want you to stay in Canada too.

Hi! I'm Maria - your Canadian CELPIP Expert

I'm a true Vancouverite, born and raised in Canada, but I've also experienced the thrill of living abroad as I taught English in Brazil to students of all levels. I've been a Canadian English teacher for over a decade and I'm an expert in English proficiency exams like the CELPIP. I'm Cambridge certified (CELTA), I've completed my CELPIP teaching certifications from Paragon Testing, and I'm also a graduate of the University of British Columbia. I founded English for Canada as an online school in 2014, and since then, we've helped thousands of students just like you get the band scores they need so that they can finally immigrate to Canada. I take a very holistic approach to teaching, meaning I truly care about the well-being and development of our students. By studying with me, you'll feel supported and guided until you achieve your goals!

My Teaching Certifications

Check out these authentic 5-star reviews!

5 star rating

Strongly recommend

Cristiane Reis

I strongly recommend the Premium Celpip Prep Course from English for Canada. It is complete test with audios and transcripts that really help us to understan...

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I strongly recommend the Premium Celpip Prep Course from English for Canada. It is complete test with audios and transcripts that really help us to understand the test and what the examiners are expecting from us. Also, there are many useful tips! Thank you Maria, for your support and attention during my period of study. You were exceptional! I truly recommend your materials and your lessons.

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5 star rating

Maria Alfaro CELPIP teacher

Sidorela metolli

I have had an amazing time getting to know Maria and also getting to know her tips and tricks about this exam. Honestly, this program is what is missing in t...

Read More

I have had an amazing time getting to know Maria and also getting to know her tips and tricks about this exam. Honestly, this program is what is missing in the market and I am so happy to have had the chance to get to develop myself in this aspect.

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5 star rating

Perfect course Perfect Teacher

Amanda He

To Maria, You are the best English teacher that I have ever met. You patiently answered my questions, give me the most enthusiastic encouragement, and most ...

Read More

To Maria, You are the best English teacher that I have ever met. You patiently answered my questions, give me the most enthusiastic encouragement, and most importantly, your guidance is very effective and targeted. I got the necessary points for immigration and, to my delight, improved my English. Thank you so much!

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I've helped thousands of students achieve their goals. Get ready to be my next success story.

Greice Pimmel

I strongly recommend English for Canada! I have had writing classes with Maria both focused on the CELPIP test. In addition to the great material provided, I could focus on my weaknesses because they come up with full feedback in all my tasks. Besides the fact, she was very patient, friendly and makes you feel super comfortable during the classes, I can feel she is very passionate about what she does. Maria was also very supportive, telling me I was doing well and that I would achieve my goal, and one day before my test they sent me a good luck message (it meant a lot to me <3). Thank you so much Maria for your help! For those reasons, I always recommend English for Canada to all my friends.

Camila Tavares

Maria and her team are amazing! I remember that three years ago we contacted her because my husband, who had never attended an English course before, had a proficiency English exam to attend in a month and a half. We booked classes with her and her commitment blew our minds. In the end, my husband got the score he needed and I started having classes with her two years later. She is focused and dedicated. Each student has an individual study plan developed by her and her team in a very professional way. I’m a big fan of Maria!

Fernanda Reis

After 2 years in Canada it was time to take my English Exam to start my immigration process. I booked a couple of classes with different instructors, it was when I met Maria. She was so organized and confident that it was easy to choose. We booked our classes and we worked on speaking and writing mostly, but she would always send extra materials to make sure that I was studying listening too. During our classes she helped me with increasing my CLB not only increasing with English Skills but also helping me to build my confidence as a ESL student. At the exam day I felt like I was prepared and I had no surprises. Thank you Maria, going through this process with you was easier and it made me trust myself more.

Fernanda Mamede

"I will try to describe my feeling after I finally got the scores I need! First, I've been dealing with this teste for more than a year. I took IELTS twice and CELPIP twice last year! I always had a problem with testes because they make me nervous, actually very nervous! I've studied by myself during this time but never works. So I decided to contact Maria (and her team), and I can tell, Maria was my coach! She changed my mindset and showed me what exactly my problem is, THE WAY I was dealing with this situation. I put this teste bigger than me, and also put myself down all the time! I needed CLB 7, but I got CLB 8!!! How did I get this? Because I restarted to believe in myself, I took a breath, changed my mindset, and focus on ME! Sometimes it is hard to trust in ourselves, but we must have! All the time! I am here to say THANK YOU to Maria and Natalie for never giving up on me! Now I can say WE GO IT! I will never forget what you did for me! NEVER!"

Mariana Carvalho

I was very nervous when I emailed Maria for the second time to schedule classes for my second Celpip test. Besides that me and my husband had made wrong choices before in our PR plan, and I was not confident that it would work. But some voice inside me was telling that Maria should be by my side. First, we could find great opportunities this time since EE was dropping significant. Even busy and tired with a toddler at home, I worked so hard on my pack of six classes with Maria. She was there for me, and together we could see a huge progress on my writing and speaking. Maria helped build my confidence and I went from 6 to 9 on the speaking test. I ended up with unexpected band scores R:8, L:8, W:7 S:9 and I could finally had my ITA. Even still thinking that my writing was better than 7 I am proud of my achievements and Maria is really part of it for me!

Lucas Figueiredo

It's so hard to describe my incredible experience with English for Canada, being more specific, with Maria. She's one of the best teachers I've ever had, and our classes were really fun and productive at the same time. She became not only a teacher, but also a friend and therapist, sometimes. Hahaha Thank you so much for all your effort, and I hope all students have the same opportunity to have you as a teacher. Thank's English for Canada.

Fernanda Louzada

Maria Alfaro is one of the best English teachers I have ever had. My husband and son also studied with her and loved it. Organized, methodological, dynamic, relaxed and cheerful. Maria manages to explain in a very clear way what sometimes seems to be something incomprehensible. Maria helped me in several different moments: exam preparation, perfecting emails and written communication in general, besides helping me to tame the monster of oral communication. Maria is a complete and super competent teacher capable of helping any English student !!! Super recommended!!!

João & Thais

We are here to tell a little bit about our story with English for Canada and studying with teacher Maria. So, we came to Canada in 2018 as me, studying one year program in a private college and Joao working with IT, which is his background. In the same year, he prepared by himself for the Celpip exam. So, we decided to start preparation by taking some English classes with Maria and her amazing team. After a lot of effort studying with Maria and the awesome team we finally achieved our goal, which allows us to apply for a PR at the beginning of this year. We want to say thank you for your amazing service and dedication with us. Without you and, we would be far away from our goal. Thanks for being an excellent teacher for us and for being part of this journey with us. You and your school are helping dreams come true. You guys are amazing! Thanks a lot.

Maria Clara

My journey to reach a band 7 on writing wasn’t easy, but honestly, without Maria it would be even harder. I’ve taken the test 4 times, in a period of three years. My first band was 6.0, showing that I was on an intermediate level and, in order to reach an advanced level, I would need professional help. That was when I looked for English for Canada help. With all the support, assistance and dedication of their team, I’ve reached 6.5 and finally, 7.0. All I can say is thank you so much for the great work, Maria and English for Canada team. You guys are the best!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to English for Canada!

    • Welcome Video

    • Golden rules before you get started

    • Must Watch! Important info for your Speaking and Writing exams

    • Make sure to take this quiz English proficiency quiz

    • CELPIP Test & Course Overview

  • 2

    The Writing Test Overview

    • CELPIP Writing Test Format and Performance Standards

  • 3

    Writing Task 1

    • Welcome to Writing Task 1

    • Writing Task 1 Breakdown and Sample Analysis

    • Sample Responses for Task 1

    • Formal and Informal expressions

    • Writing Task 1 Quiz

  • 4

    Writing Task 2

    • Welcome to Writing Task 2

    • Writing Task 2 Breakdown and Sample Analysis

    • How to plan your response in 5 easy steps!

    • How to format your Task 2 response

    • Sample Responses for Task 2

    • Writing Task 2 Quiz

  • 5

    Grammar & Vocabulary

    • Welcome to the Grammar and Vocabulary Module

    • How to improve your writing with Sentence Types

    • How to use a variety of sentence types to boost your band score

    • Linking Words List

    • Grammar and Vocabulary Quiz

  • 6

    The CELPIP Speaking Test Overview

    • Welcome to the Speaking Test

    • Speaking Test Overview and Top Tips

    • Speaking Test Quiz

  • 7

    Speaking Task 1

    • Speaking Task 1 Response Analysis

    • Speaking Task 1 Sample Transcripts

    • Speaking Task 1 Question 1 - Sample 1

    • Speaking Task 1 Question 1 - Sample 2

    • Speaking Task 1 Question 2

    • Speaking Task 1 Question 3

    • Speaking Task 1 Question 4

    • Speaking Task 1 Question 5

    • Speaking Task 1 Toolkit

    • Speaking Task 1 Quiz

  • 8

    Speaking Task 2

    • Speaking Task 2 Response Analysis

    • Speaking Task 2 Sample Transcripts

    • Speaking Task 2 Question 1

    • Speaking Task 2 Question 2 - Sample 1

    • Speaking Task 2 Question 2 - Sample 2

    • Speaking Task 2 Question 3

    • Speaking Task 2 Question 4 - Sample 1

    • Speaking Task 2 Question 4 - Sample 2

    • Speaking Task 2 Question 5 - Sample 1

    • Speaking Task 2 Question 5 - Sample 2

    • Speaking Task 2 Toolkit

    • Speaking Task 2 Quiz

  • 9

    Speaking Task 3

    • Speaking Task 3 Response Analysis

    • Speaking Task 3 Sample Transcripts

    • Speaking Task 3 Question 1

    • Speaking Task 3 Question 2

    • Speaking Task 3 Question 3

    • Speaking Task 3 Question 4

    • Speaking Task 3 Question 5

    • Speaking Task 3 ToolKit

    • Speaking Task 3 Quiz

  • 10

    Speaking Task 4

    • Speaking Task 4 Response Analysis

    • Speaking Task 4 Sample Transcripts

    • Speaking Task 4 Question 1

    • Speaking Task 4 Question 2

    • Speaking Task 4 Question 3

    • Speaking Task 4 Question 4

    • Speaking Task 4 ToolKit

    • Speaking Task 4 Question 5

    • Speaking Task 4 Quiz

  • 11

    Speaking Task 5

    • Speaking Task 5 Response Analysis

    • Speaking Task 5 Sample Transcripts

    • Speaking Task 5 Question 1

    • Speaking Task 5 Question 2

    • Speaking Task 5 Question 3

    • Speaking Task 5 Question 4

    • Speaking Task 5 Question 5

    • Speaking Task 5 Question 6

    • Speaking Task 5 ToolKit

    • Speaking Task 5 Quiz

  • 12

    Speaking Task 6

    • Speaking Task 6 Response Analysis

    • Speaking Task 6 Sample Transcripts

    • Speaking Task 6 Question 1 - Sample 1

    • Speaking Task 6 Question 1 - Sample 2

    • Speaking Task 6 Question 2 - Sample 1

    • Speaking Task 6 Question 2 - Sample 2

    • Speaking Task 6 Question 3 - Sample 1

    • Speaking Task 6 Question 3 - Sample 2

    • Speaking Task 6 Question 4 - Sample 1

    • Speaking Task 6 Question 4 - Sample 2

    • Speaking Task 6 Question 5 - Sample 1

    • Speaking Task 6 Question 5 - Sample 2

    • Speaking Task 6 ToolKit

    • Speaking Task 6 Quiz

  • 13

    Speaking Task 7

    • Speaking Task 7 Response Analysis

    • Speaking Task 7 Sample Transcripts

    • Speaking Task 7 Question 1 - Sample 1

    • Speaking Task 7 Question 1 - Sample 2

    • Speaking Task 7 Question 2 - Sample 1

    • Speaking Task 7 Question 2 - Sample 2

    • Speaking Task 7 Question 3 - Sample 1

    • Speaking Task 7 Question 3 - Sample 2

    • Speaking Task 7 Question 4 - Sample 1

    • Speaking Task 7 Question 4 - Sample 2

    • Speaking Task 7 Question 5 - Sample 1

    • Speaking Task 7 Question 5 - Sample 2

    • Speaking Task 7 ToolKit

    • Speaking Task 7 Quiz

  • 14

    Speaking Task 8

    • Speaking Task 8 Response Analysis

    • Speaking Task 8 Sample Transcripts

    • Speaking Task 8 Question 1

    • Speaking Task 8 Question 2

    • Speaking Task 8 Question 3

    • Speaking Task 8 Question 4

    • Speaking Task 8 ToolKit

    • Speaking Task 8 Quiz

  • 15

    Endings & Next Steps

    • Final thoughts - Overcoming Test Anxiety!


  • What English proficiency level do I need to have to take this course?

    Our sample answers are quite advanced (CLB 9 +), but students from other levels can still learn from them. We encourage being at least at an intermediate level (B1) to be able to fully accompany the material, but if you’re at pre-intermediate level, you’ll still benefit from taking this program. This course is too advanced for a beginner.

  • How long should I prepare for my exam for?

    Your exam prep time will depend on the gap between your current proficiency level and your final objective, as well as the amount of time you realistically have to invest in your daily studies. As a general suggestion, I encourage studying calmly over the course of 3 months. However, you can definitely take this course at your own pace. You'll have access to the course for 6 months.

  • Are there enrolment fees or extra costs?

    Nope! We don't charge enrolment fees and your course price includes all of your lesson material. Please note that this course does not include practice tests. If you would like practice tests, please check out our Premium CELPIP Prep Program.

  • I need a CLB 4-8, will this course still help me?

    Yes! While our lesson material includes higher level responses, you will definitely be prepared for your exam even if you need a lower band score than a CLB 9. In fact, you will be extra prepared! If you need a CLB 4 for your citizenship test, you will also benefit from taking this course.

  • Do you also offer writing and speaking correction services?

    Yes! If you need extra help, our team also offers private tutoring. In a one-on-one coaching session, you'll get personalized feedback and corrections on your responses for the speaking and writing tests. Our study plans can be found on our website at If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, please contact us for more information at and we'll be more than happy to assist you!

  • What technology do I need to take your course?

    Thinkific works seamlessly on a desktop or mobile phone. All you need is a wifi connection.

  • How long will I have access to my lesson material?

    You can take this self-study course at your own pace. Take your time as there is a lot of material to cover. To guarantee that you have enough time to study and review everything calmly, you'll have access to your material for 6 months.

  • Does the Speaking & Writing program include Practice Tests?

    For additional practice tests, please check out our complete Premium CELPIP Prep Program which includes the additional Listening and Reading modules and 2 Practice Tests from Paragon Testing.

  • What is your refund policy?

    I have over a decade of teaching experience coaching and assessing students on how to pass their English proficiency exams. I strongly stand by the quality of the content of this course as well as the customer service that comes along with it. I will be here to guide and support you, and I am confident you will feel much more confident and prepared for your exam after finishing this course! If you would like to request a refund within 10 days of purchase, please contact us directly at Kindly note that a $50 refund fee will be deducted from the full amount.